23 May 2005

The workshop is designed to finally preserve unique recordings and so safeguard the broadcasting of such archival material to future generations

  • Moreover a management team will be trained which can at the end of the workshop - judge the different approaches to digital sound archiving and take action accordingly.


  • support the radio stations in the region in the transition from analogue to digital archive and broadcast systems:
  • train the local decision makers in the radio stations so that they will be able to judge different software and hardware solutions for digital archiving;
  • sensitize decision makers about the urgency of the situation and mobilize them to take action after the workshop;
  • inform and discuss the demands and needs of modern radio organisations concerning computerised radio archive and broadcast systems;
  • inform about and discuss advantages and disadvantages of commercial and open source/shareware systems (archiving and broadcast software);
  • come up with a possible solution for the respective station which could be implemented as a low-cost project


  • Use and value of a media archive
  • Synopsis of a general archiving structure
  • Identifying projects for the development of the archive
  • Analogue to digital conversion technologies
  • Digital data storage technologies
  • Descriptive data for electronic media content
  • Computer meta data bases
  • Retrieval and distribution methods
  • Strategies for the conversion and preservation the existing archive material
  • Preparation of road map for the further development


    The consultants will present information on varies topics by computer slides and by using the overhead projector. In small groups the participants will develop plans and strategies to convert, restore, store and retrieve the archive material in an appropriate way. At the end of the workshop a recommendation paper will be prepared, which will draft a plan for the development of the archives.

    Target group

    The workshop will address archivists, decision makers and IT-Managers.
    To ensure that during the workshop target oriented group work will be possible and a realistic and practically usable outcome is achieved, participation should be limited to persons, who are directly involved in the management, operation and planning of the archives and libraries.
    The participants should be familiar with the working procedures and the content of their stations archive and should actively contribute to the outcome of the course.

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