Almaty youth got new skills in the field of cultural heritage and sustainable tourism

18 April 2017

On 14 April, 2017, a capacity-building workshop for youth in the field of the World Cultural Heritage and the development of Sustainable Tourism in Kazakhstan was held in Almaty. The organizers of this event were the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty with the support of the United Nations Information Office.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development "to improve mutual understanding among peoples around the world, to spread knowledge about the rich heritage of various civilizations, to ensure respect for the imperishable values of various cultures and thereby strengthen world peace."

The students of the College of Management and International Tourism of Almaty got acquainted with the presentations on the topic: "Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: Geocultural Branding as a New Approach to the Development of a Tourist Cluster". Speaker of the workshop was the candidate of historical sciences, Deputy Chairman of the National Committee of the World Heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Dmitriy Voyakin.

Young specialists become informed with the objects of the historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan in detail and, according to them, "discovered a lot of new things." For example, students were taught more about ancient sites along the Silk Road, such as Taraz, Kaylyk, Otrar. Participants were also surprised by the finds of household items on the bottom of the Aral Sea, which until then was not known to a wide audience.

At the end of the workshop, all participants had a desire to promote tourism activity in Kazakhstan, as well as participate in the preservation of the country's cultural heritage. The content of the workshop allowed students to rethink their vision of a career in tourism and decide on their future plans, and even for some to increase the spirit of patriotism.

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