Award Announcement

20 September 2006

UNESCO-DaimlerChraisler Mondialogo partnership has launched a second round of Mondialogo Engineering Award.

This follows the very successful competition of the first round in 2004-2005.The overarching goal of Mondialogo partnership is to promote intecultural dialogue - particularly among students and young engineerers from developing and developed countries.

The first round of this award brought together in 111 project teams over 1700 young engineers from 79 countries. These teams developed and submitted engineering solutions designed to address sustainable developement issues and advance poverty reduction thus contributing to the attainment of the MDGs. 21 teams received an award of 15 000 Euro.

All technical universities and colleges are invited to participate in this award. The Mondialogo team will be happy to respond to any questions you may have by directiong your questions to Mr.Leszek Bialy (; tel:+33 1 45 68 12 94; fax:+33 1 45 68 55 21

Deadline for applications submission 30 November 2006.

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