Central Asian Data Journalism Webinars

5 May 2021

Starting from 5 May 2021 will take place series of Central Asian webinars focused on the quality of data journalism education by the integration of UNESCO Data Journalism Curriculum at 19 universities. Webinars organized by UNESCO Chair on Journalism and Communications Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, supported by IPDC´s Global Initiative for Excellence in Journalism Education and the UNESCO Almaty Office.

55 Journalism Universities in Central Asia need the UNESCO Curriculum on Data Journalism, 10 from Kyrgyzstan, 30 - Kazakhstan; 8 - Tajikistan and 7 from Uzbekistan. In the work of Central Asian journalists, data journalism has become an effective tool for using interactive graphs and visual content. Webinars will train faculty members/researchers in order to adapt the UNESCO curriculum on data journalism, based on the effective application during journalistic investigations. Webinars will integrate and adaptation of the UNESCO data journalism curriculum for conducting a journalistic investigation on education, gender, health issues in Central Asian countries.

Series of webinars will be organized with an expert survey among the departments of journalism in Central Asia to study university needs on the data journalism curriculum for every country with the involvement of an international expert and national trainers. Interviews with national coordinators of educational programs among university participants and localizing training manual on data journalism will be implemented.

19 journalism faculty members from 19 universities of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, most of whom are members of the Association of Central Asian Universities will contribute in achieving sustainable development goals in journalism and communication. This work will contribute to IPDC Priority Area on Improving Journalism Education, including by using resources produced by IPDC's Global Initiative for Excellence in Journalism Education.

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