Communication and Information Unit Strategic Programme 2005 Overall Presentation

14 February 2005

Support to culturally diverse and multilingual contents, promoting press freedom, freedom of expression and democracy, promoting independent media in conflict situations, fostering media development are among the main priorities of UNESCOs activities in the field of communication and information (CI) in the year 2005. Freedom of expression principle will be promoted and supported not only among media, but also among other Information Society institutions such as libraries and archives, which are essential for providing citizens with access to vital information and knowledge enabling them to become active actors in the emerging knowledge society.

Along with the mentioned CI priorities, the major focus will be made on cross-cutting initiatives designed to promote ICT-supported distance education in secondary schools, as well as in higher education institutions through various activities in the field. The activities will be implemented in close collaboration with both long-standing and new partners of UNESCO in the field of CI, which include national, sub-regional, regional and international actors. Attracting international expertise and knowledge, as well as building networks of local professionals will be cornerstones of the working scheme in 2005. Report of CI Unit is updated online and accessible by visiting link below.

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