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The mission of Communication and Information programme is Sustaining peace and development through freedom of expression and access to knowledge. Read more

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5 July 2005 UNESCO Almaty/Internews, Central Asian Training of Media Trainers Workshop, 5-8 July 2005, Almaty, Kazakhstan
30 June 2005 UNESCO/BBC IPDC Project report: Improving Media Coverage of Gender Issues in Tajikistan
23 May 2005 AIBD-UNESCO/IPDC PROJECT DIGITISATION OF RADIO ARCHIVES, 23-28 May 2005, Almaty, State Archive
18 May 2005 Museums Day. Training on UNESCO Museolog Software, Central State Museum, 18-19 May 2005, Almaty
3 May 2005 Celebration of World Press Freedom Day in Tajikistan
3 May 2005 Sub-Regional Training UNESCO/Kazak National Library: Promoting free access to information and freedom of expression in libraries and archives 3-4 May 2005, Almaty, Kazakhstan
14 February 2005 Communication and Information Unit Strategic Programme 2005 Overall Presentation
3 February 2005 Opening of the Conference on Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace
25 January 2005 UNESCO Knowledge Management Software eNRICH translated into Russian
14 December 2004 Registration if ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan
29 November 2004 Audio Visual Archive RK: Support for digital migration of content in audiovisual libraries including PSB libraries
11 November 2004 5-th Almaty Conference "New IT in Education"
2 November 2004 Museolog Training course for Pavlodar's Museums
18 October 2004 Initial Seminar on Open and Distance Learning (ODL) for 'multipliers'
12 October 2004 ItrainOnline initiative strength capacities of communication and information professionals and Institutions in Russian speaking countries