Competition for the Best Story Metises of the Peace

2 March 2017

From 3 March to 3 April, 2017 UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty announces the competition for the best life story in a multinational family "Metises of the Peace". Tell the world about your family and be a part of UNESCO's history!

Participant must provide the original story of the peaceful and respectful coexistence of multiple nationalities, cultures and religions in his family. Author should include information about number of nationalities, living in his family, what are the traditions and customs they have, to tell how his family celebrate various religious or cultural holidays, as well as share unique family recipe for mutual understanding, peace and harmony.

The abstract should not exceed the volume of 500 words as a whole. The story must be accompanied by a good quality family photo, matching the theme of the contest.

The most interesting stories will be published in the electronic catalog of the UNESCO Office in Almaty and will be posted on the official website of the Organization. Authors of the best three stories will receive the souvenir gifts from the UNESCO.

The idea of the contest is to attract the youth and the public in intercultural and interfaith dialogue, which will contribute to the peaceful coexistence of different cultures.

We look forward to your stories.

Please send your stories and photos, with a note on the participation in the contest, by e-mail:

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