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16 November 2018 UNESCO advocates for a system-wide change as a means of effective implementation of SDG4
9 November 2018 A workshop on leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Open Educational Resources (OER) to achieve SDG 4 held in Tajikistan
18 October 2018 World Teachers' Day in Kazakhstan: Right to Qualified Teachers
11 October 2018 The First Meeting of the Working Group on Developing Online Curriculum to Mainstream Cross-Cutting Competences for Sustainable Development
24 August 2018 Training teachers to deliver healthy lifestyle lessons: UNESCO IITE advancing a large-scale project in Kyrgyzstan
13 July 2018 Developing Online Curriculum on Education for Sustainable Development and the 21st Century Competences
4 July 2018 Recognition of formal and non-formal education and training
20 June 2018 Continuous Education for Sustainable Development: New Challenges
14 June 2018 Training Teachers to Prevent Violent Extremism Among Youth in Tajikistan
5 June 2018 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University launched “Globalization and Global Citizenship» course
23 May 2018 Regional workshop on developing Technical and vocational education and training
8 May 2018 Results of the Project “Sustainability Begins with Teachers in Central Asia”
4 May 2018 UN Support to preventing violent extremism – field experiences
19 April 2018 Sustainability Begins with Teachers in Tajikistan
10 April 2018 Sub-regional workshop in Uzbekistan "Sustainability begins with teachers" project in Central Asia