Free Museum Cataloging Software Released

18 April 2008

A new version (4.7) of Museolog, the UNESCO-supported multilingual software for cataloguing museum collections has been released. The software is available at no cost through SourceForge, a global leader in free and open source software (FOSS).

Museolog was developed by museum specialists in collaboration with FOSS developers from Kazakhstan as part of UNESCO's work developing FOSS solutions in Central Asia. It allows the creation and editing of museum catalogue records in four languages: English, French, Russian and Kazak. The software is designed to support artifact, archeological, and natural science museum collections.

Museolog facilitates a full range of data management on museum collections, including photographic images, management of museum objects and restoration work.

The new version of the software reflects feedback from various museum-users collected by the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan. The new Museolog software can be run on a computer directly from an external memory card or after copying on to a computers hard drive.

The new Museolog incorporates the ObjectID' standard, an internationally approved minimum for recording and describing museum objects.

Museolog Software and guidelines in Russian with full instructions for software management are available at
Additional information, including a demonstration of the software can be found at  

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