Gender, Conflicts and Journalism: A Handbook for South Asia

3 March 2005

This handbook was conceived during the planning for the UNESCO-Nepal Press Institute first Roundtable on The Gender Perspective in Conflict Reporting, conducted April 7-9, 2004 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Roundtable drew together journalists and analysts from South Asia to specifically examine the influence of gender and conflict on professional journalism, and vice versa. The Roundtable discussions served as the central resource and inspiration for a wider-ranging exploration by the Roundtable facilitators of how reliable journalism is coping with the enormous challenges of gender

inequity and violent conflict which exist, inter-related, in South Asia and elsewhere. The outcome is this handbook, a compilation of emerging ideas, strategies and professional skills that journalists can wield against the entrenched traditions and new threats which constrain free expression and the achievement of gender equality and conflict resolution.

Part 1 explores the 21st Century media environment and key issues; Part Two presents strategies and skills for working journalists; Part Three provides selected Resources.

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