Guide: Young People and AIDS

30 January 2007

English copies of the practical guide "Young People and AIDS", produced within the framework of the INFOYOUTH Network, a partnership between UNESCO and the French Ministry for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organizations, are available free of charge.

This book is designed for primary and secondary school teachers, youth leaders in voluntary organization and radio and for all those interested in working on HIV/AIDS preventive programmes targeting young people. It provides educators with up-to-date and accurate information on AIDS, in order to enable them to devote a class or an activity to the topic.

Young people are the population group most affected by AIDS and most vulnerable to the disease. While most of them have access to information, this does not necessarily mean they actively adopt the best behaviours. To make preventive measures really effective, they need help in their efforts to understand AIDS.

HIV/AIDS has been wreaking havoc all over the world for more than twenty years, threatening the well-being and development of young people everywhere. Prevention campaigns have not managed to stem the spread of the disease. Ignorance and unfounded prejudices help it advance even faster and often result in infected people being rejected by their communities.

Simply presenting the disease and its implications is not enough to make a prevention tool effective. This is why this book focuses firstly on misconceptions that are still circulating about the epidemic, followed by a more pragmatic section designed to provide educators with tried and tested knowledge transmission methods and concrete examples of activities that put young people in situations where they must deal with HIV/AIDS issues.

To get a copy of the book, free of charge, please contact:
Boyan Radoykov, UNESCO, Information Society Division

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