Interactive training web-portal for pupils on preparation for passing out test

7 January 2004

The New Market Group Company, jointly with the Almaty Branch of the National Center for State Educational Standards and Testing under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Testologists’ Association of Almaty, with financial support of the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office, initiated implementation of a project to create a comprehensive, generally accessible and large-scale information field for general school graduates by means of creating an interactive web-portal for testing.

In order to provide for efficient and technology-based assessment of school graduates proficiency and level of specific abilities, in 2004 in Kazakhstan they implemented a unified system for assessment of education quality based on new technologies and independent of educational establishments. It is a Unified National Testing System (UNTS) designed to provide for transparency of the testing procedure and resolve the problem of fair admission to higher educational establishments . The UNTS combines the final state attestation of school graduates and entrance examinations to colleges and higher educatonal establishments of Kazakhstan (two in one).
The portal inlcudes program features enabling school graduates and applicants for admission to higher educational establishments to self-prepare for the UNT through the free-of-charge online testing channel with results displayed immediately. The testing in the web-portal is of training nature, and it is designed to provide for more comprehensive and good-quality preparation for the formalized testing. The portal enables larger social groups, irrespective of their location, to get free-of-charge Internet access to the information they need for professional orientation, selection of a higher educational establishment, information on grants and loans, admission score, etc.

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