Interview with Erlan Nurmukhambetov
Contemporary Cinema of Kazakhstan

14 May 2021

Kazakh filmmaker and screenwriter Erlan Nurmukhambetov talks about what he strived for as a student, which films made the biggest impression on him and whether it is easy for him to make films on order today as part of the "Contemporary Cinema of Central Asia" project.

To mark the start of the Central Asian Scriptwriting Lab (CASL), the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty is publishing a series of four video interviews with prominent cinema professionals, who spoke about the special features of the local film industry, its development, their work and creative successes.

The guest of this interview is Erlan Nurmukhambetov, filmmaker and screenwriter from Kazakhstan who teaches at the Kazakh National University of Arts.

All four interviews were filmed with the support of the Goethe-Institute in Kazakhstan in cooperation with UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty.

The idea for the interview was developed by Saodat Ismailova, a filmmaker and scriptwriter from Uzbekistan.

Production team:
Diana Tursyn director
Meiir Zhakebai cameraman
Daniyar Abayev second cameraman
Elaman Akanbai sound designer

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