ItrainOnline initiative strength capacities of communication and information professionals and Institutions in Russian speaking countries

12 October 2004

UNESCO has joined six expert organizations in the ItrainOnline initiative, an online service that aims to tackle challenges faced by the developing world in ICT. This initiative was created to help Internet and computer users sharpen their individual skills and play a key role in bridging the knowledge gap.

NGO "Information Culture" under supervision of UNESCO Almaty translated online modules into Russian and published them for the public access. Materials are developed under UNESCO activity "Production of local language online and offline training modules for media training institutes".
A wide range of links are provided through the ItrainOnline portal to guide ICT users in various activities -- retrieving information, efficient use of email, development of web pages, building online communities, strategic use of the Internet -- designed to overcome knowledge and skills gaps and to bring together people and expertise for development and social change.

High quality resources are pooled together in a multilingual website, which holds an inventory of annotated, classified resources and structured materials intended for use by trainers and end users. The links and resources provided are mainly training and “how-to” guides on development and the use of the Internet and information and communication technologies.

“The ItrainOnline partners' experience has shown that while the web offers an abundance of information on using Information Communications Technologies, it is difficult to locate high quality and appropriate information that is suited to the ways development organizations and civil society groups in the South learn about and use ICTs. ItrainOnline was developed to address this gap,” remarked Ann Tothill, Programme Manager at the Association for Progressive Communication (APC).

UNESCO, together with partners AMARC, APC, FAO, IICD, ONEWORLD.NET, Radio for Development, and Search for Common Ground, has developed the Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK), which complements the ItrainOnline portal by providing resources which are intended to serve as building blocks for face-to-face training. Components are presented as separate files so that trainers can combine them in whatever format they need in ways which suit their particular context.

“MMTK promotes and supports linkages between new and traditional media through standard, workshop kits that can be adapted to local contexts,” explains Stella Hughes from UNESCO. “Once trainers have adapted their material they can reload them onto ItrainOnline’s website or broadcast them through their radio stations to provide easy access to a wider audience.” The workshop kits generally contain single session units of 1-4 hours and comprehensive sets of units on a single topic covering technical, organizational and ethical topics. The materials use a standard format and have been modularized for easy "mixing and matching". For example, a trainer running a workshop on information skills for a women's organization could choose components from the ‘Searching the Internet’ unit and the ‘Violence against Women’ module, and combine them into a single workshop kit.
The information and annotations provided on ItrainOnline are free, and can be reproduced, translated, and disseminated without restriction.

ItrainOnline partners comprise the Association for Progressive Communications, Bellanet International Secretariat, International Institute for Communication and Development, International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, and OneWorld International, and UNESCO.
  • Workplan is defined under UNESCO implementation stategy
  • Working team was build:
  • Psyhologist professor, President of National PSB, International Journalism chairman, trainer from Inernews Network, DLNet consortium leader, Trainer of Inform Culture foundation
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