Launch of a new video project: Intercultural Dialogue in 5 Steps

19 June 2018

The video project is implemented by a team of young people from Almaty who will spend several months in touch with representatives of different cultures, learn the secret of the happiness of multinational families, disclose the history of friendship of completely different people, define the jobs in which there is no place for discrimination and what the mestizo children are talking about.

Today it is difficult to live without cultural interaction with each other. Living in one region, we adapt to the culture and traditions of completely different nationalities, religious beliefs, attitudes and visions. There is no place for stereotypes and condemnations. There is no place for discrimination and violence. We are at the crossroads of the rapprochement of cultures. We are in the Central Asia.

The UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty within the framework of the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures, 2013-2022, launches an interactive video project that will uncover the multicultural uniqueness of the Central Asian region through a series of short films about the life of ordinary people in five main steps: Friendship, Family, Work, Children and Sport.
The main emphasis of the project is a series of interactive tips for promoting intercultural dialogue and strengthening peace in society. The young authors of the project believe that through interactive visualization of everyday life of people, it is possible to attract much more attention to the usual phenomena, cultural problems and the main principles of the development of intercultural dialogue. Tips that will appear within each video will help many viewers to join the global campaign for the rapprochement of cultures, to realize the value of their participation without any difficulties.

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