Meeting of the biosphere reserves around the Caspian Sea is taking place in Tehran

25 July 2017

On 25-27 July 2017 an International Expert Meeting on Biosphere Reserves around the Caspian Sea is taking place in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran.

The event is organized by UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office with the support of the Iranian National Committee for UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB).

The aim of the meeting is to discuss common issues and challenges in the Caspian region and the ways to address them, as well as to outline further steps to improve regional cooperation in the context of UNESCO biosphere reserves.

The coastal and marine environment of the Caspian Sea area is threatened by a variety of human-induced impacts. Following the discovery of oil, population and economic growth factors have contributed to increasing pressure. The region’s global importance for petroleum production and export and the resulting maritime traffic pose serious threats to the fragile coastal and marine environment. Many marine environmental issues are of a regional nature and require a regionally coordinated response.

In this regard, a meeting of biosphere reserve managers from the countries of the Caspian Sea region is being organized to take stock of the environmental threats, their causes and consequences around the Caspian Sea, as well as to develop a roadmap of future steps to be taken towards regional cooperation in environmental protection in the Caspian region.

Currently there are 8 UNESCO biosphere reserves in Kazakhstan. Directors of two biosphere reserves – BR Akzahiyk and BR Barsakelmes, and the Chairman of Kazakhstan MAB National Committee will participate in the meeting, representing the country.


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