Museum Studies Training Package

25 February 2010

UNESCO would like to announce that Museum Studies Training Package is available for download on the UNESCO website in more than five languages.

The package includes four volumes of the Cultural Heritage Protection Handbooks Series, produced within the framework of the Moveable Heritage Outreach Programme.
These are:

  • Security at Museums;
  • Care and Handling of Manuscripts;
  • Documentation of Artifacts Collections;
  • Risk Management in Museums.

This series of comic strip booklets is of immense interest for museum professionals. Witty illustrations, accompanied by short texts, are intended to show museum staff and the daily users of museums the correct behaviour and appropriate measures to be taken for the conservation of movable cultural heritage. Initially the four volumes of the Cultural Heritage Protection Handbooks Series produced in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. In 2009 new language versions joined the series thanks to the cooperation of UNESCO Offices in Cuba, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Cambodia.

The UNESCO ICOM Training Package is also available for download on the UNESCO website. The package, aiming at improving or enhancing the knowledge and competencies of museum personnel in developing countries, exists in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Russian.

These publications and the training programme are designed for responding to the needs of:
  • New or future museum professionals who need to be familiar with basic knowledge for running a museum;
  • Experienced professionals and technicians specialized in one of the many areas of museum practices who wish to enlarge their field of interests, by introducing them to responsibilities and work of colleagues who are professionals in others fields;
  • Staff of museums in general for whom the publications would be valuable resources for internal discussions;
  • Governing authorities to assess current staff performance and to be helped to develop the future policy and direction of their own institution.
All publications are available for download on the UNESCO website at the links indicated below:

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