Press freedom and development

10 October 2008

Press freedom and development: an analysis of correlations between freedom of the press and the different dimensions of development, poverty, governance and peace

This study is the outcome of a research project implemented by the Centre for Peace and Human Security (CPHS) at Sciences Po University with support by UNESCO. The research has sought to use various econometric tools and data from world-renowned institutions to investigate the relationship between free press and development and to ascertain a correlation between the two.

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  • Collation: 133 p.
  • Author(s): Guseva, Marina; Nakaa, Mounira; Novel, Anne Sophie; Pekkala, Kirsi; Souberou, Bachir; Stouli, Sami
  • Publication year: 2008
  • Document code: CI.2007/WS/16
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