Public Service Broadcasting in Kazakhstan: Utopia or Real Perspective

3 February 2003

To look at public service broadcasting (PSB) in Kazakhstan, the Asia-Pacific Institute For Broadcasting Development (AIBD) and the Khabar Agency, UNESCO, FES, ITU were organized a Seminar on Legal, Administrative and Financial Aspects of PSB from 3-4 February 2002 in Kazakhstan's Capital Almaty. This is follow-up seminar of earlier organised UNESCO seminar on PSB in Bishkek from July 1-3, 2002. This is being organised specially with the request of Khabar Agency.

This seminar focused on the current issues, concerns, challenges and potentials in relation to legal, administrative and financial aspects of public service broadcasting .The meeting underlined once again the importance of Public Service Broadcasting in the scenario of technological proliferation and high-commercialization. The objectives of the meeting was to discuss in depth the various experiences and challenges faced by the public service broadcasting organizations in the Central Asian sub-region and come out with recommendations.This draft may act as a piece of information and guidelines for Khabar and Kazakh Governement to create their own model of PSB.

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