Republican Training Workshop on Planning and Management for Early Childhood Care and Education. Karaganda

10 January 2003

The Project provides for innovations in elaboration and implementation of distance education technology, in the development of continuous education system that includes qualification training and re-training of preschool personnel so each participant of educational process can quickly respond to innovations. The Project is called to update the contents of preschool preparation through implementation of modern electronic teaching programmes (units) in terms of familiarization with environment, environment basics, Kazakh language, literature for children, preparation for literacy learning, familiarization with elementary mathematics, fine arts, valeology basics etc.

Project Goals:
To identify the goals of preschool micro politics for the period 2003-2005 and opportunities of its effective implementation at the national, regional and local levels, including through the use of new informational technologies.

  • To develop and define the optimal context of preschool education of children that excludes the duplication of preschool goals, tasks, forms and methods.
  • To search for modern cost-effective management approaches that allow to use internal covered reserves of preschool organizations and secondary schools in order to provide children with accessible, flexible and child-friendly educational programmes.
  • To create and make a pilot test of distance re-training for preschool managerial and teaching staff.
  • To provide interdepartmental and interregional ties and to include the experience of preschool education and teaching of the Republic of Kazakhstan into social experience of the world community, including by developing the Mektepaldy (Preschool) website.

Project Results Taking into consideration that the Project of such scale and goals was the first ever implemented in Kazakhstan, we believe that actual terms of organization and performance of the Project were very limited (as already noted, from September 2002 to February 2003). Therefore, the working group of the Project underwent huge difficulties. It mainly occurred through processing of printed versions of units for the internet. The main difficulty was to process units in Kazakh language. The lack of generally acknowledged standards for Kazakh language in the internet, marginal distribution of standard scripts containing Kazakh letters, the use of various versions of programme introduction of Kazakh language in original documents, complication of layout in html-code where each Kazakh letter was represented in a set of figures and special symbols, coupled with high volume of information on Kazakh page of Mektepaldy website, complicated the work altogether. The hurdles through processing of the units in Kazakh language far exceeded the processing complications of proper units in Russian language. Nonetheless, a large creative work was done that required high level of intellectual and physical preparation as well as stamina of the members of the working group (the group had no weekends throughout November and December working 15-18 hours daily). In the meantime, all the issues regarding elaboration of units, website, CD-version of the Course, various owing to partnership relations and entire understanding of coordination and working groups. Thanks to such opportunity, most tasks and ideas contained in the project were implemented and made a major push forward. This is confirmed by the following:
  • The medium-term strategy for preschool development in Kazakhstan for 2003-2005 was developed;
  • The technology of distance education of preschool specialists on the Course Micro Politics of Preschool Education and Teaching for the Period till 2005 was elaborated;
  • For the first time in Kazakhstan, the pilot test of the technology of distance education of preschool specialists on the Course Micro Politics of Preschool Education and Teaching for the Period till 2005 was held covering 184 trainees;
  • The operation of education bodies has been activated in the field of resolving issues of preschool informatization and supply of preschool organizations with computers;
  • The first website was created in Kazakhstan on the problems of preschool education and teaching Mektepaldy;
  • The Department of Secondary Education of MoES of RoK elaborated the mechanism of partnership with tertiary science and practice on resolving the preschool informatization issues;
  • The capacity building of regional trainers in the field of preschool management and planning and distance education was created;
  • The activity was initiated and potential regional personnel capacities were studied on their involvement to the work of the draft law On Preschool Education and Teaching in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The Project pulled the application of new management approaches and activities in expanding the early childhood education programmes, development of alternative services for preschool-aged children basing on the search for internal organizational personnel and financial reserves in kindergartens and schools;
  • The Project stimulated and triggered the work of the Ministry of Education of RoK and educational bodies at places on elaboration of the mechanisms for interdepartmental cooperation to resolve the problems of early childhood at the local, regional and national levels;
  • The Management Center on implementation of the technology of distance education was established at the Kazakhstan-Russian University. Finally, we accumulated the valuable experience in implementing similar projects that will help us to avoid mistakes and difficulties in the future.
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