Scientific Conference on heritage of Sarmishsai

8 October 2004

The International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) at UNESCO jointly with Navoi Mining–Metallurgical Combinat (NMMC) are conducting an International Scientific Conference untitled “New approaches to studies, conservation and sustainable management of natural and cultural heritage of Sarmishsai”.

This Conference will be organized within framework of Research Program of IICAS “Petroglyphs of Central Asia”, which in return is carrying out within limits of UNESCO Project “Intercultural dialogue of East and West in Central Asia”. The Conference will be held in Navoi city at the Republic of Uzbekistan from 08.10 to 10.10.2004.

The Conference will focus on analysis and discussion of methodologies and critical social-cultural problems of studying and conservation of Rock Art of Central Asia, Sarmishsay site (Navoi region, of the Republic of Uzbekistan) as a particular case. Training in conservation, documentation and creation of electronic version of database with special dealing on evaluation of natural and cultural values of this monument for its further sustainable management, protection and monitoring will be also considered.

As continuation of the Conference from 10.10-15.10.2004 the Fieldwork Seminar will be organized in the archaeological complex Sarmishsai, where multi – and cross scientific working groups will identify current problems and recommendations for conservation and management of Rock Art monuments of Central Asia.

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