Silk-Road Radio Soap project

14 February 2003

'Building on centuries' old tradition of story-telling in the region, the Silk-Road Radio Soap project highlights contemporary issues and priorities through a twice-weekly radio drama series, produced and transmitted in both Uzbek and Tajik languages.

The flagship Soap Opera entitled "Har Dardning Davosi Bor" (A Cure for Every Ills) is a production of tight collaboration of Silk-Road Radio's Uzbek and Tajik creative teams, mostly covers the topics of rural population's concern. Another Soap Opera of Silk-Road Radio entitled "Shahar Bekatlari" (City Stations) targets more youthful and urban audience.

Each Silk-Road Radio Soap Opera accompanied with needs based short reports -storyline reports- that reinforces the themes of the Soap Operas from factual angle.

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