Training in political reporting for young Kyrgyz journalists

4 July 2008

Since the beginning of 2008, 67 young journalists and students of journalism in Kyrgysztan have been trained in political journalism. The project is called "Capacity building of young journalists for political reporting" and is funded by UNESCOs International Programme for the Development of Communication.

I did not think our project will be so popular

Cholpon Orozbekova

During the training the participants have had the chance to meet several prominent politicians - Kubatbek Baybolov, Omurbek Tekebaevm, Zhangoroz Kanimteov, Topchubek Turgunaliev, Temirbek Sariev, and others. The aim is to improve the quality of political reporting and analysis in media.

This project has become very popular among students and young journalists who dreams of becoming future political observers or political correspondent for newspapers, says Cholpon Orozbekova, director of the Center Media Ordo.

Well-known journalists such as Burulkan Sarygulov, Jyldyz Musabekov, Bubukan Dosaliev, Venera Zhumataeva have participated in seminars and training, and well-known political scientists Nur Omarov, Toktogul Kachkekeev, Alybek Akunov, Karybek Baybosunov gave lectures.

The students come from the faculties of journalism in different parts of Kyrgysztan.

"I did not think our project will be so popular, Cholpon Orozbekova concludes. Young journalists at their own initiative participate in training courses. Therefore, it is very easy to work with them. I am pleased that I have found the theme and focus that are in demand." The working group is now finalizing a brochure "How to do political reporting following the principles of international journalism?"

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