TV Programs about Kazakhstani children

5 January 2003

Needs of Central Asian youth and children are often neglected. Scarce financial resources do not allow many young people realize their creative potential. Besides, they have a lot of social problems which can be solved with the help of NGOs and governmental structures. They need to be given attention by adults, especially official authorities. These problems are especially peculiar to children and teenagers of South Kazakhstan, consisting of various ethnic groups.

One of the ways of attracting of public attention to the needs of indigent children, who are the future of nations was by making short films about them for the general audience and for children of other Asian countries. The UNESCO Almaty CI Unit started an activity on broadcasting films about the teenagers of South Kazakhstan on the most popular TV Channels. For this purpose, “Detsky Park” children’s newspaper editorial office and the Central Asian Pictures Production (CAP) group were engaged as main partners. With the help of the CAP group short films describing the lives and needs of South Kazakhstan children and teenagers have been broadcasting on “Khabar” Broadcasting Agency, one of the most popular TV channels in Kazakhstan. The films are broadcast as a part of “Top-malysh” children programme, created by CAP Productions. Exchange of the films with children and youth from the Asia-Pacific Region, is the next step of the activity. Another positive aspect of the activity is that the beneficiary group is involved in producing the films, that is the children are, at the same time trained in TV journalism skills, which is a good promotion to their professional future.

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