UNESCO launched a new project to support artisans

12 July 2010

In line with the current UNDAF for Kazakhstan, UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office launched the new two years project to strengthen the sustainability of crafts industry in Kazakhstan. The project is generously supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea through the UNESCO/Korean Fund-in-Trust.

The current economical rise in Kazakhstan creates good opportunities for high quality handicraft products to successfully reach the marketplace. The development of the countrys tourism sector makes the crafts products in high demand. The Kazakhstani market has become the best buyer for handicrafts from Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Russia and Uzbekistan. However, handicrafts manufactured in Kazakhstan are of less quality and demand.

Thus with the aim of strengthening the sustainability of crafts industry in Kazakhstan, the project safeguards the traditional techniques of craftspeople, improving the quality and marketing skills of artisans through training and promotional activities with particular emphasis on craftswomen, as well as strengthening legislation.

It is also envisaged to improve the operating environment for artisans and enhance their production and distribution capacities. The project will also raise awareness of the Government and local stakeholders on the socio-economic potential and benefits of the craft sector.

Implementation partners are National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO, Ministry of Information and Culture, Assembly of the People of the Republic of Kazakhstan, CACSA (Central Asian Crafts Support Association), EFCA (Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia), local NGOs and craft resource centres as well as Kazakh National Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

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