UNESCO MAB Young Scientists Awards

12 January 2007

UNESCO MAB announced awards for young scientists: helping young people help the planet.

Well-trained and committed young people are key to addressing ecological and sustainability issues. UNESCO is therefore investing in a new generation of scientists worldwide. It launched in 1989 the Man and the Biosphere Young Scientists Awards: 10 young researchers each year receive up to US$5,000 to conduct interdisciplinary research on ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity.

The Awards basics

This award targets young researchers carrying-out interdisciplinary research in line with UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme. Priority is given to projects carried-out in biosphere reserves, on the theme of ecosystems and water. Information on award winners and over 130 research reports or summaries are published.


- to assist exchange of information and experience among a new generation of scientists.
- to encourage young scientists, in particular those from developing countries, to use UNESCO Man and the Biosphere research, project sites and biosphere reserves in their research.
- to encourage young scientists to undertake comparative studies with other sites, in or outside their country.

How to apply:

Applications for the year 2008 are now available in English (Word/PDF) and French (Word/PDF).

Criteria used in the selection of the Young Scientists Award are:

- Applications must be made on the application form and be endorsed by the applicant's MAB National Committee (only 3 applications per year).
- Applicants may not be older than 40 years of age.
- Priority is given to research carried-out in biosphere reserves on the theme of ecosystems and water.
- Applicants from developed countries are eligible for Award only in exceptional cases.
- Awards are set at a maximum of US $5,000 each.
- International travel expenditures are usually not covered under this Award.
- Research supported by an Award should be completed within 2 years.
- Candidates must submit their research report to the MAB National Committee for approval before submission to the Secretariat in Paris.
- Candidates agree to the possibility of UNESCO publishing the results of their research.

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