UNESCO Activities in Kyrgyzstan

The UNESCO Almaty Office works in Kyrgyzstan through and in cooperation with the National Commission for UNESCO and partner networks in its fields of competence. Read more

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23 November 2018 Central Asia Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education
19 November 2018 Central Asian Forum on Cultural Policy and Management
16 November 2018 UNESCO advocates for a system-wide change as a means of effective implementation of SDG4
6 November 2018 International conference on “Afghanistan, Central Asia and Iran – Common Heritage along the Silk Roads and corridors to and from Europe”
24 October 2018 Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2018 Celebration
19 October 2018 Support for the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi in Turkestan, Kazakhstan
11 October 2018 The First Meeting of the Working Group on Developing Online Curriculum to Mainstream Cross-Cutting Competences for Sustainable Development
9 October 2018 UNESCO Support for Silk Roads World Heritage Properties in Central Asia
3 October 2018 Kyrgyzstan: Strengthening Sustainability of Community Media
28 September 2018 International Day for Universal Access to Information 2018
24 August 2018 Training teachers to deliver healthy lifestyle lessons: UNESCO IITE advancing a large-scale project in Kyrgyzstan
13 July 2018 Developing Online Curriculum on Education for Sustainable Development and the 21st Century Competences
29 June 2018 Second Workshop for facilitators of Intangible Cultural Heritage from Central Asia
20 June 2018 Continuous Education for Sustainable Development: New Challenges
5 June 2018 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University launched “Globalization and Global Citizenship» course