Videoconference of UNESCO Clubs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation

10 January 2017

A videoconference on The role of UNESCO Clubs in the promotion of intercultural dialogue and preservation of cultural heritage. The Republic of Kazakhstan The Russian Federation will be held on 19 January 19 2017.

The initiative was launched by the Ural-Siberian Federation of UNESCO Associations, Centers and Clubs and the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs in partnership with the Sverdlov State Children Philharmonic and Talleyrand Diplomatic club at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University UNESCO Club.

The aim of the project is to promote intercultural dialogue and to preserve cultural heritage of people living in two countries. Discussion will include topics such as the stimulation of interest in traditional arts, and the exchange of experiences and strengthening of ties between Kazakhstani and Russian representatives of UNESCO Clubs.

During a creative performances, UNESCO Club members will present different types of national arts as a tool for the development of intercultural dialogue.

Similar videoconferences will be organized on different issues, including the UNESCO mandate, in order to foster intercultural dialogue and promote respect for cultural diversity through development of the ideas of peace and tolerance, in particular targeting youth.

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